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What's your Mobile strategy? We hear that question often at mobile conferences. A better question is: What's your mobile opportunity?

What’s your Mobile strategy? We hear that question often at mobile conferences.  A better question is: What‘s your mobile opportunity?

Have you thought about the possibilities? Use QR codes to track your inventory, automate your production, control your video experience. What about emulating a touch screen kiosk with a traditional HDTV, QR codes and mobile  (may I add, at a fraction of the cost)? What about using OCR (character recognition)? Scan your receipts, then generate and submit your expense report. Scan, report, get paid all in your app.   Who needs a keyboard anyway?

Mobile provides a superior (UX) user experience than the desktop. Really?  Yes, really. Mobile is more than just a small screen with a popup keyboard. So much more.

Less is more;  Easier is better: Mobile concentrates on the most critical functionality and content.   The most frequented features are within a couple of taps or swipes. Why type, when you can scan, locate, concatenate?

Mobile as a co-device: Mobile is now part of the in-store, in-restaurant experience.  Mobile integrates with your video experience.

Mobile plays well with others:  Create on our desktop, modify on your tablet (we refer to it as the coach computer), and locate on the go with your smart phone — or the other way around. It remembers when your “available everywhere” 3G or 4G connection is not (available).

Mobile adapts dynamically (Responsive Design). Using technologies such as CSS, Android Fragments or IOS XIB files, Mobile can adapt it’s layout and functionality based on form factor decreasing your development costs.

AAND Tech has Industrial Strength Experience with Mobile. Look at our portfolio of our recent projects and you’ll agree.

Web Services/the Cloud

The Cloud offloads the work of managing servers and data; you concentrate on your core business.

Web Services enable your current web application for Mobile, simplifying your architecture,  saving money.

Web Services enable communication. Think of web services as web pages with only the information.  Web Services are actionable. Web Services not only deal with data storage, but notification, coordination, calculation,  aggregation and determination.

Tap into web services from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Twillio, Amazon, Best Buy and others for maps, email, social networking, text, and retail.

The Cloud offloads the work of managing servers and data; you concentrate on your core business.  As one person put it, “I don’t have to wear a pager”.  Cloud providers are experts in availability, security and scalability. The biggest draw is the Cloud saves money. Only in cases where your service and data is really big or very specialized does it make sense to not use the Cloud

AAND Tech has the track record of providing, consuming and combining Web Services to realize your innovative ideas.


With the cost of processor chips dropping, smart devices are becoming more prevalent.

With the cost of processor chips dropping, smart devices are becoming more prevalent. Even more exciting, now many of these chip sets have internet or even WiFi capability. You will find them in applications for audio/video, automotive, appliances, smart houses, manufacturing and  agriculture.

Imagine accessing your refrigerator generated shopping list from your smart phone in the grocery store  That same refrigerator can tell you that that its compressor is approaching end of life and needs replacing.

Imagine locating all your devices, downloading an update and then installing the update; all in one step, all performed securely and all from your smart phone.

AAND Tech understands the power of unleashing your embedded device with Mobile and Web Services.

Best Buy

Created the Best Buy Gift Center Android App for Best Buy’s Women’s Leadership Forum (WOLF)

Created the Survey Robot Prototype: an Android Tablet App for engaging customers in a conversation and determining their shopping experience; the results are tabulated via a real time feed.

Prototyped the Connected Car, providing a WiFi access point, automotive diagnostics, route mapping and Geo-fencing.  This project lead to the creation of the spin off: Green Light Connectivity Solutions.

Helped develop the universal gift registry Giftag.com.  One of the first large scale cloud applications running on Google App Engine.

Viking Electric

Developed eFill, an order-entry / inventory replenishment application for Viking Electric Supply Inc’s customers. Available for both iPhone and Android devices via iTunes and Google Play.

Point, Scan, Done!

No manual data entry; fast, easy, no errors

On phone management of items, connectivity only needed to send order.


Assisted in developing a web-enabled framework for a broad number of product lines using backbone.js and socket.io web sockets for low network traffic messaging.

Developed an Android based app for locating, configuring and controlling conferencing appliances without the need for a centralized server.

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